We will drill for your multi bolt drive based on your motor Brand and Size. We even precision ream the bore of your Backplate if necessary for your motor!

NOTE: It is "CRITICAL" that the bore in your Backplate be Concentric and Precision Size! The integrity of your Tru-Turn Spinner's performance relies on the bore in your Backplate.

Your engine requires modification for a multi-bolt drive configuration on your Spinner Backplate. We will modify Tru-Turn Backplates for any R/C engine available.

NOTE: We stock many spinners that are already modified for 3W & DA motors! If you have one of these motors, please refer back to your chosen Spinner Size and find the one that already has "3W" in it's part number.. It will save you time and money!

Be sure you put "ALL" of your "Engine Information" in the Comment Block of your Order.