ROMCO Manufacturing, Inc.has been a widely respected producer of precision machined parts supplier since 1975. ROMCO was concentrated in the Aerospace and Oil Tool industry in the early ’80s and was poised for diversification. In 1985, opportunity knocked. In an oil industry on the downturn, Bob Obenberger, President and CEO of ROMCO (and an avid modeler) saw an opportunity on the horizon. He introduced a new way of manufacturing Aluminum spinners for the R/C market. Tru-Turn was born out of an idea that RC enthusiasts would support a producer of higher quality products.

 width=The idea was to make the best spinner the R/C market had ever seen and. with many long nights of research, trial and testing, it was done! It couldn’t be done from cast Aluminum. No, it couldn’t be done in Plastic. Machined Castings, Spun Aluminum? No. The only way to bring a quality spinner to a starving market was to machine the spinners from superior quality BARSTOCK Aluminum! Spinners made in production (part after part consistency) must be held with the exacting standards found only in the rapidly growing CNC machining technology found in the early 80’s. This translates today, more than a decade later, to spinners that are still held to the exact sizes and tolerances of those early days. QUALITY BEYOND DUPLICATION

Fascinated with the positive response to the new product at the influential Toledo Weak Signals R/C show of 1986, Bob was motivated to bet the farm on the notion that the R/C public would pay the price for a premium product. That product being all it was stated to be and more. Some said, “no, too high on pricing” or “Modelers won’t give a spinner that much thought”. It was time to offer them up and let the modeler decide. Now you will find them on all championship competitor’s planes and in the hands of discerning modelers around the world!

Since those fun days, Tru-Turn has seen many competitive products and producers come and go. There are a few key ingredients to Tru-Turn’s success and stamina in the model industry. We won’t tell them all, but one of those is Customer Service. Tru-Turn products are backed by a tightly knit family oriented organization that won’t accept anything less than the utmost in service.

Sure, you still see some companies stepping up to take a piece of Tru-Turn. We put our product out there for all to see, backed with a strong name and history. You cannot find a better spinner than a Tru-Turn. We have set the mark by which others are measured. Tru-Turn Precision Model Products still stand at the top in quality and service.

The story is much longer when told in person. Just ask Bob when you see him at your field or event and ask him sometime.

Just remember, when you are really ready for a GOOD Spinner, just give us a call and be a part of the history!

FLY SAFELY! . . . . . IT’s MORE FUN!

Tru-Turn Precision Model Products are manufactured in the USA in Houston, Texas by ROMCO Manufacturing, Inc.   It is our goal to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality and best customer service, while maintaining the health and safety of our staff.  Since 1985, made in the USA by Texans.  While there may be uncertainty around us, one thing that will never change is our attention to quality.

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