Precision Spinner Slotting


Adapter kit not included. Check out our Adapter Finder to get the adapter that's right for you.
Precision Slotting Option Click Here if your propeller doesn't fall into the prop range shown below.

NOTE: IF you're unsure of prop fit, you can contact our tech support line OR simply add the Precision Spinner Slotting option to your cart, and we'll notify you if the additional special slotting is not needed.
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You will need to put the Brand Name and Pitch of the prop in the "COMMENT BOX" of the order form. Do not leave out any little details like "S", "T" or "W" on the prop, it all tells us something special about the prop.

If we do not have this "Prop Slot" or "CNC Program", we will contact you.

We can slot your Tru-Turn Spinner for just about any prop on the market today, so long as your Prop is not too big, or your Spinner is not to small.

There are literally Hundreds and Hundreds of Brands and Shapes of props available today, they come to us from around the world. We have hundreds of props (Samples) in our shop, but you can bet we do not have them all, we probably never will.

If we have the "Exact Prop" you are requesting, we will guarantee the slot to be correct. If we do not have the exact prop, all we can do is "Guess At It". (Not A Good Idea.) We will do it for you, but we will not guarantee it to fit.

EXAMPLE: A "Thin Blade" and a "Wide Blade" are not the same slot, so include all the available information.

Get a good Tube or Box and Pack it Good, we can not be responsible for damage to your prop when you ship it to us. If it's an expensive prop, it's always best to "Insure It".

Tru-Turn "Modifications" are the best money you will spend on your spinner, these Modifications are not easy and "MUST" be "Precision". Remember, your modifying of a Tru-Turn Spinner or Backing Plate "Voids" all warranties expressed or implied.

"Fly Safely", It's More Fun.

This Photo shows only Some of the Many Variations of Slots Available.

Tru-Turn Precision Model Products are manufactured in the USA in Houston, Texas by ROMCO Manufacturing, Inc.   It is our goal to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality and best customer service, while maintaining the health and safety of our staff.  Since 1985, made in the USA by Texans.  While there may be uncertainty around us, one thing that will never change is our attention to quality.

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