6″ P-51 4-BLADE Aluminum Spinner


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4-Blade Mustang! It's the classic P-51 shape spinner whose appearance works beautifully in so many applications. Sport- Aerobatic- Speed- Fun Fly etc.

All 5-1/2 " and 6 " Spinners are "Custom Slotted" for "Your Props" upon receipt of order and there is "No Charge" for the custom slotting. (Please Specify the Brand- Size and Pitch of Prop).

****** NOW AVAILABLE WITH LITE BACKPLATES!! this will add $10.00 to your order. Request a lite backplate in the comment box ******

Available in 2-3-4 blade.Click to see additional image!

Weight: 12.0oz
Prop Range: "No Charge" for "Custom Slotting" your new Tru-Turn Spinner.   Be Sure to specify the Brand, Size and Pitch of your Prop when placing your Order???.We will make your Prop Slotting Problems "Disappear".
Engine Range: This spinner is generally meant for use on anything from a 1.8 2-Stroke glow all the way up to the Big 12 ci. Gas motors. These larger Spinners have many large Gas and Glow Engine mounting capabilities.

We can modify your Spinner Back Plates for any large Engine configuration. Go to our 'Adapter Finder" or Give us a Call with your Engine & Propeller Information and see what we can do!

Special Instructions

  • Adapter kit not included.  Check out our Adapter Finder to get the adapter that’s right for you.
  • All backing plates are “Flush Mounting”
  • All cones have a 10-32 retainer screw
  • See Special Slotting Options that we offer!
  • Use Caution: For performance and safety, any necessary spinner modifications should be done by Tru Turn.

Precision Spinner Slotting


Tru-Turn Precision Model Products are manufactured in the USA in Houston, Texas by ROMCO Manufacturing, Inc.   It is our goal to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality and best customer service, while maintaining the health and safety of our staff.  Since 1985, made in the USA by Texans.  While there may be uncertainty around us, one thing that will never change is our attention to quality.

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