2mm Collet / 1/4-28 Shaft Adapter Kit


2mm Collet / 1/4-28 Shaft Adapter Kit

This Electric Motor Adapter is Designed "Specifically" for Mounting a TRU-TURN Spinner on your new project.

This Kit has all the Quality you have come to Expect from TRU-TURN Products.

This new Tapered Collet Adapter will fit all 2.0mm Un-threaded (Smooth) Shafts. The Collet shaft has a 1/4-28 UNF thread. This Lightweight kit is Complete, it has all of the hardware necessary to mount a TRU-TURN Spinner to your Electric Motor.

Please note that your Tru-Turn Backing Plate must be Precision Reamed to 7/16" (0.438) Dia. to accommodate this adapter.

The Kit includes the "Bushing" necessary to adapt the Spinner Backplate to the Tapered Collet.
(See Photo Below)

This Adapter is Extremely Lightweight and converts your TRU-TURN Spinner to a matching, lightweight E-Cone Screw. There are two (2) screws per kit to allow you to select the proper length, for proper fit.

Click to see the NEW: Smooth Shaft Adapter Installation Guide

Approximate Weight: 0.44oz (13 Grams)

This adapter is compatible with Any Prop that is designed to run on a 2.0mm Shaft Motor.This Precision Shaft Adapter is designed to work well on any Electric Motor that is intended for R/C use, and has a 2.0mm Smooth shaft. This is a Direct Contact Tapered Collet Mechanism to eliminate "Run-Out" experienced on the "Set Screw" type adapters This unit does not have any"Set Screw" or Clamping devices,.

Tru Turn adapter kits are the key component to making your spinner run true. Our bushings, washers, and adapter nuts are precision machined for a true running spinner like no other!

Use caution. For Performance and for your Safety, any necessary spinner modifications should be done by TruTurn.

Tru-Turn Precision Model Products are manufactured in the USA in Houston, Texas by ROMCO Manufacturing, Inc.   It is our goal to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality and best customer service, while maintaining the health and safety of our staff.  Since 1985, made in the USA by Texans.  While there may be uncertainty around us, one thing that will never change is our attention to quality.

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