Smooth Shaft Collet Installation Guide

We at Tru-Turn are always concerned about our customer’s safety. Tru-Turn collet adapters are precision made to run true and vibration free when installed properly. The proper way to install a Tru-Turn Collet adapter is to have the collet fully engaged on the motor shaft.

Fully engaged is defined as the motor shaft is bottomed out in the adapter or the adapter is bottomed out against the motor.

The ONLY acceptable scenario is FULL ENGAGEMENT (Fig 1). Failure to fully engage the adapter could result in possible vibration and/or failure, and will void the warranty.

Some kits on the market make it impossible to achieve Full Engagement of the adapter. In these cases, it is imperative that you either move the motor forward or move the cowling back so Full Engagement can be achieved. You should NOT, under any circumstances, slide the adapter forward on the shaft for spinner clearance and tighten it down (Fig. 2).

Please be a responsible owner/operator of your R/C electric model. This guide is for your safety.