2-1/2″ A-Style Prop Hub BACKPLATE


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Tru-Turn Prop Hub Backplates originated as the solution to mounting a precision Prop Hub onto a multi bolt gas motor.  Hub Backplates replace your motor’s original prop washer and allow you to run the corresponding Tru-Turn Prop Hub size (prop hubs sold separately)

Use an A-Style Hub Backplate with a B-Style Prop Hub for a precise fit and unbeatable look!

Multibolt motor applications:  You must also add a multi bolt modification option to your shopping cart in addition to the prop hub backplate.  Call us if you need assistance.

Hub backplates are designed as an add-on item in order to allow you to run your multi-bolt drive motor. This item is mostly used in multi-bolt applications and is not necessary for normal Prop Hub use on most glow or gas motors.


Multi Bolt Option Shown in photo.

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4.2 oz.

2-1/2" A-Style Prop Hub BACKPLATE
Fitment:  Typically, Prop Hubs and Hub Backplates are sized by the measurement across the face of your chosen propeller.

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