1-3/4″ A-Style Prop Hub


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Military or Sport Airplanes, this Hub really looks good and it Works Great with the Starters.
Prop Hubs mount in front of your propeller and are generally sized by determining the width across the face of your chosen propeller.

Prop Hubs are hollow inside to allow for precision lightweight performance and versatility with Tru-Turn Adapter Kits

Pick the right size for your prop and then go to the Tru-Turn "Adapter Finder" to complete your Set-Up.

Click to see Assembly and Additional Images!4.4oz. / 124.7 Grams

1-3/4" A-Style Prop Hub

It looks better if the Hub base is a little Smaller than the face of your Prop.
"See Sketch Below"This Prop Hub is generally meant for larger motors like the Brison 3.2 & 4.2 as well as Saito 3.25 or The Zenoah G-38 & G-62

This Hub can be used anywhere that the engine shaft is not too long to fit under the Prop Hub.

For smaller motors- see our Precision Prop Nut line.

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