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For use when you don't need a spinner, but a "Prop Nut" would look great!

It's all you need to run the prop of your choice on your 5.0mm unthreaded E motor shaft.

"The Adapter Kit is Included", All you have to do is Pick the "Correct Shaft Size" and you will have "Everything" you need to put the "Finishing Touch" your new "Electric Project".

" AS SHOWN " The "Correct" Hardened Steel Wrench is Included, so you won't mess up your Tools or your New Prop Nut..60 oz. / 17.0 Grams

5/8" A-STYLE PROP NUT FOR 3mm ELECTRIC MOTOR SHAFTSelect the Prop Nut Size that will Best Match your Particular Prop.

These really look Great when they are the "Same Size" or just a little "Smaller" than the Center Section of your prop.Each "Prop Nut Set" has a "Collet Adapter" to fit your Specific Smooth Shaft Size.

Be sure to select the proper "Shaft Size" for your "Specific" Electric Motor.

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