What is the difference in Prop Nuts and Prop Hubs?

The Difference between Prop Nuts and Prop Hubs:

Prop Nuts are thread-on items meant for 2stroke glow and some electric motors.

Prop Hubs are larger hollow items used when a 4 stroke glow motor or a gas motor is chosen.
Both Prop Nuts and Prop Hubs mount in front of your propeller against the front face of the prop hub.
Both allow for the use of your electric starter.

Tru Turn Prop Nuts require no extra mounting hardware and all Prop Nuts include a prop nut wrench.

A word about Prop Nut dimensioning:
Tru Turn Prop Nuts are named by their shape and diameter.



A” Style Prop Nuts represent somewhat of an acorn shape and each has a flange that generally makes an “A”-style prop nut 3/16” larger than their front diameter from which they get their name.



“C” Style Prop Nuts represent a cone shape (even though they’re solid thread-on items). Each “C” style prop nut is named in relation to its aft diameter where it seats against your prop.



Tru Turn Prop Hubs are hollow inside and come with a backplate (washer) built into the aft side of the Hub and are designed for versatile use on all motors from 4 stroke glow, to Gas and Electric motors.

Prop Hubs require a separate adapter kit for mounting. Optional Hub Backplates are available for certain Gas engine applications.

Always use double jam nut hardware when running 4 stroke motors.

How Do I Know What Hub or Propnut Size?
Measure the prop hub directly across the hole. The proper nut or hub size is that measurement or slightly smaller.

Tru Turn Prop Hubs are named by their diameter when measured at the front area of the Prop Hub.
“A” Style Prop Hubs have a flange that generally makes an “A”-style prop hub 3/16” to ¼” larger than their front diameter from which they get their name.

“A” Style Hub Backplates are optional but fall under the same dimensioning system.



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