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#30Can you make a Heavier Spinner or Prop Hub?

This would be going against everything that Tru-Turn and Airplanes are all about.  We have gone to great length to find a material and machining system that will make the strongest spinner possible at the lowest weight that is practical.

NO  We do not make heavy Spinners or Prop Hubs, the engine crankshaft is not the place to put extra weight.  Yes, it is the farthest point out in front of the airplane but it is also the Rotating member of your engine.  Weight converts into Kinetic Energy when rotated.  The imbalance or force of this energy is the Weight Squared times the Inertia distance from the axial rotation.

OK, forget all of that!  In other words, the faster you turn it the more it vibrates and the more damage it can do to your engine and airplane.  Put the necessary weight on your airplane somewhere that will be static, or mounted to a non-moving part. 

We make High Quality, Light Weight Spinners.

Fly Safely, It's More Fun!