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#28 Why wasn't there an Adapter Kit in my Spinner package?

There was not supposed to be an adapter in the package with the spinner, that is not the way we do business.  I do not think I can even count the number of useless aluminum adapter nuts laying around in my model shop.

We manufacture over 125 adapter kits, each one is specifically designed to make a Tru-Turn Spinner fit a Specific R/C engine.  How can a manufacturer put a Prop Nut Adapter in the package with the spinner if they don't have a clue what engine you are going to use?

The engines on the market today are getting bigger stronger, but they are Not getting "Standardized" one little bit.  Every one of them has a different idea on what an adapter needs to be, or how much engine-shaft you will need.  Some are too short and others are too long, some have a step up behind the threads and others don't. 

They pretty much do what they want and they don't consult us about it either.  We never know what you are going to need until you let us know what engine you are running.  Then our Customer Service "Kicks In" and we give you the Part Number to a kit that will really work on your engine, not some generic junk that don't fit.

Go to "Adapters" and you will see what we mean about Customer Service.  If you don't see what you need there, "Call" or "E-Mail" us and we will help you with your problem.  We have the correct adapter kit for any production R/C engine, or we will make you one for "Free".

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