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#26 Can you tell me what "Prop to Use" on my engine?

Knowing the cubic inch displacement of any given engine will help decide approximately what size prop you should start with. Sometimes we can give you an opinion or two, they are Free as usual, but they are only opinions and not the Rule.

The first place to look would be in the Factory Operation Manual.  You will notice that they don't even give you a Hard Line Fact, they give you a selection of what to start with and where to go after the engine is broken in.  This is another Iffy Science and there are a million opinions covering the question.

What type of airplane it is will affect the selection. What you want it to do, like go Fast or Climb Strong, affects the selection.  Even the type and brand of prop you choose will affect the performance. What altitude do you fly at?  All these things will affect your selection.

We won't let you try to put a 12-6 on a 4.2 Gas engine but we can only make suggestions, we are not the prop experts.  Your best bet would be the manufacturer, who would know better than the person that built and tested the engine.

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