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#23Will you "Modify" my "Brand X" spinner for me?

NO….   The answer is almost obvious, we can't, its called Product Liability.  We do not want the responsibility for another product or company, they should supply these services for their products if necessary.

We do not mind telling you that there are a lot of spinners out there that are of poor, to down right dangerous quality.  If we did work on them we would be putting our company on the line for something we already Do Not Approve Of. 

Try a Tru-Turn Spinner, you will get a lot of Customer Service and a lot of support products also, like over 125 Adapter Kits in stock. We make a specific adapter kit for Every Production R/C engine on the market.  We will make all necessary modifications to your spinner for any R/C engine being produced.  We do have Customer Service! 

Check out our very popular "120 Slots" or "Special Cuts" and enjoy Customer Service like never before.  If you don't find what you are looking for "Call" or "E-Mail" us and we will help you.

 Fly Safely, It's More Fun!

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