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#20Can I order a "Special Shape" for my special project?

We will try to answer your question on "SPECIALS" as briefly as possible, but it is a complicated situation. The main thing to remember is that the "COST of PRODUCTION", and "PROJECTED SALES" are the main factors, and good management requires that we use these factors to run our company.  Things get a little sticky here so stay with me for a bit, as "WE DO WANT TO HELP YOU".

We manufacture a standard line of spinners that are cut for the standard size of prop in two, three, and four blade. But, we do not drop our customer off at this point.  We also offer a lot of special services such as "SPECIAL SIZE" slots, "LEFT HAND" slots for pushers, as well as fitting them for "IGNITION SYSTEMS" and other "WILD REQUESTS".

The problem here is that what is standard for the sport flyer is nothing close to what you need when you are talking about scale.  The word "SCALE" almost always brings up the subject of "SHAPES" and "SPECIALS".

The way that we manufacture a spinner is very unique in that we do not second operation machine the cone or backing plate. What this means is that there are "NO SHORT CUTS" to making a spinner.  Once we have made "ONE PIECE" we can run production the rest of the day or the rest of the week.

The system that we incorporate to make our spinners requires Special Tooling for each size and shape.  This means that a new shape or size will cost us anywhere from $750.00 to $2,500.00 to set up plus the estimated price of the actual spinner.  This does not include the expenses that come after we have manufactured the spinner, such as adding it to our price sheets, advertising it, etc.  As you can well imagine, this builds up very fast and all of these "BUCKS" go out long before you sell one!

We charge a one time minimum "SET UP" fee for a particular shape of spinner to be produced.  We will quote the cost of that spinner on the first 10 pieces only and we will re-evaluate the cost after a production run.  We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction on a special shape.  You provide us with the necessary information and we will make it exactly the way you requested.

If you choose to have a special spinner made for your project and it becomes a "WINNER", you will get your investment back from us. What this means is that if we develop a requirement to run production on this shape (200 pc. per year or more) we will refund your "SET UP" money.

You would think that with a cost of a special spinner running that high, there would be "NO TAKERS".  That's what I thought too, but I was wrong again. We have had several occasions to do specials and they were willing to pay the price.

One example of this is Wayne Siewert's National Scale Champion Mooney-Porsche.  It is a 2 7/8" spinner that is over 3 1/2" long, and is three blade at that.  Other examples would be the 3 1/4" for Sig Mfg's "Spacewalker" by Maxie Hester and the BYRON ORIGINALS INC's new Huskey A-1.

The big difference between these, is that we did not charge "Sig" or "Byron" for the special set up, because they ordered several hundred pieces up front, and the shapes and sizes were fairly standard.  These Spinners have become a standard item and we have sold thousands of them in the past years.

BUT! This is "NOT" the case with the 2 7/8" spinner for the Mooney-Porsche.  Although it is a very pretty spinner, we have sold only a couple of dozen at the most.  Maybe some day I will have to give Wayne back his set up charges, and we hope so because that will be good for us too!

I am sure by now that you are getting the drift of things. (Or awfully bored with my letter!)

Please Note:  We do not make exclusives for anyone, as this tends to cause problems in managing our company.  If we make a special shape for you, we will eventually add it to our regular price sheet and it will become available to everyone who requests it.  We also require anyone selling our products to sell them as "TRU-TURN" products in the original "TRU-TURN" package.

I hope that I have helped you on your question, and if you decide to go ahead with this project, just give us a call. Thank you for your interest in TRU-TURN Products and I hope we can make your flying time just a little better this year.

 Fly Safely, It's More Fun! 

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