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#19Can you "Lighten" my spinner?

This is a Yes & No type question, we can make the backing plate lighter, but we Do Not do any lightening on the cone. We make the cone as light as possible all the time, it is the Forward Weight of the spinner and it must be light.

We make a Spoked backing plate from 2-1/4" all the way up to the Giant 5" Ultimate.  This is a standard backing plate that has been CNC Milled for lightness. After much testing and Flying, we came up with the Tapered Spoke design for the optimal material removal for the most Retained Strength.  There are Six cutouts, they are precision machined and very carefully de-burred to maintain the usual high quality and balance you normally expect in a Tru-Turn Spinner.

Before you decide to Do-It-Your-Self, think about all of the problems that you can cause if this is not done properly.  We charge a nominal fee of $ 10.00 in addition to the price of the backing plate.  We will exchange any backing plate for a Light one if your backing plate is still new and unused.  You mail in your back plate and we check it out.  If it is, in fact, new, we will charge your credit card for $10.00 + Shipping & Handling and you don't have to worry about anything, we do that for you.

How much weight will it save?  It will reduce the weight relative to the size and we have some specifications for all of the different sizes on the Website called "Lite Backing Plates".  The weights are not Precision to the Gram, but they are very realistic and will give you enough information to work with.

We make the spinner cone as light as possible for the RPM that it is designed to withstand.  Never modify your cone.  If you need something done to it, call us or E-Mail us and we will tell you what we Can or Can-Not do to help you.

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