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#18Why does my "Cone" bulge at the top of the "Prop Slots"? (see #6)

When you purchased the spinner, you paid for a High Quality Spinner and that's exactly what you got.  It is very lightweight and it is a very precision-machined part.  We put a lot of design work into making this spinner and it does not have to be tightened down as tight as some of the spinners you have had in the past.

Have you Modified your spinner, it could be the problem. You might have done a lot of work just to get yourself into more trouble, let us try to help you.  Let's take a look at "Question # 2, it will enlighten you on modifying prop slots. 

You say you did not Modify your slots, well then let's take a look at something else that might be causing the problem, over tightening the cone screw.  Go to "Question # 6" for the best explanation of this problem.  We call it the "Two Finger Rule" and I think it will help you with your problem of Too Much Gusto.  "Try it, it works.

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