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#16 Why "Won't" my adapter nut "Screw On" my engine shaft?

There can only be a couple of answers to this problem. The first one would probably be that you have gotten the wrong adapter, not what you wanted to hear, is it.  Or, the other reason could be that there is something wrong with your engine.  This is not what you wanted to hear either, is it?

Let's address the most likely problem first, it's not an easy one to solve.  If your local Hobby Shop or Mail Order House sent you an adapter or told you to "Get this one!" you probably believed that they knew what they were doing and it should fit.  Well, that would be nice but it just isn't always like that.  We make over 125 different adapter kits, that's right 125+ and we will probably have to design some more before the year is out.

The one most common problem is the Pitch of the thread. You have heard it called Fine Threads or Coarse Threads, meaning more threads per inch is a finer thread. This same thing happens in Metric Threads but it is named differently.  Metric People call it the distance from one thread to the next, but it is the same basis. More threads in an area means it's a finer thread and less threads would mean it is a coarser Thread.   It is very difficult to tell an American thread from a Metric thread sometimes.  Take for example the 5/16-24 American thread and the 8x1.0 Millimeter Thread.  There is only a couple of thousandths of an inch difference in them and in some cases they will screw onto each other quite a bit but not correctly.

You probably don't have the right adapter so call us, we are here to help you.  We have a lot of information to work with, we think the adapter is a very important part of you spinner, it must be mounted properly.

Now let's talk about the other problem.  YOUR ENGINE.  If you have ever crashed the engine, if you have ever tried to put the wrong nut on it, if you have ever dropped it on the floor, you have possibly damaged the Lead of the thread and it will not take the nut properly.  It does not have to be much, you will have to look at it very closely.  If that first thread is laid over slightly, it will not work properly.  If you can not correct this condition, send it to your repair shop or ship it to us.  It usually doesn't take very much to fix it, with the proper tools.  Wow let's talk about the "Big One", the people that manufacture your engine.  We make all of our Adapter Kits to very exacting tolerances and we use Class "2" Thread Gauges on everything we do.  We know this is not a good subject but sometimes some of the Less Expensive engines do not hold these exacting tolerances, we have seen it many times. We have had customers send us engines that we could not fix.  They had oversize threads and the crankshaft was too hard to do anything with.  Be careful what you are buying.

Use our Customer Service, It's free.  We will help you get the proper adapter for your engine.

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