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#13 Can I "Paint" my spinner?  If so, what do I need to do?

Yes, you can paint your spinner and it can be done properly without a lot of special equipment.  The Art of painting a spinner is not any different from painting anything else and it doe not require a lot of work.

The main thing is to Be Sure you get the spinner Clean.  We like to call it a Water-Break-Free-Surface, just like when painting a car.  You have to be sure that all of the oil is off, all of it! The best way to do this is to wash your spinner in a good mild solution of dishwashing liquid like Joy or something. Use something that does not have a lot of spot removers and junk, all you want to do is clean it.

You can use Zinc Chromate Primer if you really want to get technical but it is not necessary.  With the plastic paints that are available today, almost anyone can paint. After cleaning it you can not wait too long like tonight or tomorrow, the aluminum will start to oxidize almost immediately when there is no oil on it.  Put a light starter coat on and give it plenty of time to dry, then put on light, even coats till you get the luster you require.

Some people like to sand the spinner prior to painting, thinking the paint will peal off the slick surface of the aluminum, but this just is not the case.  If your paint peals off, you did not have it clean before you put on the first light coat. It will not hurt to sand it if you want but you still need to wash it good and let it dry before spraying or brushing.

Keep it simple, it will work just fine.

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