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Does Tru-Turn supply "Bushings For Props" with odd holes?

No, we do not make Prop Bushings, we think that all of the Prop Manufacturers should be responsible for this. We have never understood the vast array of Hole Configurations that we see. We keep hoping that there is some mysterious reason for all of this and we just don't have the answer yet.

We make over 125 adapter kits, one to fit each and every production R/C engine on the market today. We will design a new one tomorrow if there is an engine out there that needs it. We do this because it is important for you to be able to mount the Tru-Turn spinner properly. Why don't the Prop Mfg. do this for their products, all they have to do is go to One Standard Size and supply a good Prop Reamer.

YES We can make special bushings for you but they are not going to be inexpensive. We have a full service machine shop with CNC equipment and some really good CAD-CAM equipment to drive it. There isn't much of anything we can not make in our shop, the question is usually the price, not whether we can do it. Call us and we will give you a price based on what you need and how many you want to purchase.

We have considered making a line of Prop Bushings, but while we were thinking about it, they had already made several changes that we didn't know about and they will probably do it again tomorrow. It's not our market so we can not control it, we have enough trouble keeping up with Adapter Kits.

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