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#10Can you "Repair" my "Bent Spinner?

This is one of the worst questions that we have to answer from time to time.  A person has had an encounter with the ground while flying or even a door jam while loading the car, it does not matter, a bent spinner, is a bent spinner.

When you bend a spinner, no matter how slight, you have stretched the material at the bend and you will never get it to go back like it was.  What's worse, the naked eye can not detect the cracking that has started in this area. The safety factor in your spinner has been exceeded and it is not worth the risk of an accident.

Straightening a spinner is not unlike trying to get the fender on your car fixed after a collision, or getting a Rim straightened after hitting the curb.  There are people out there that will tell you they can do it and it will be perfect.  But we are  here to tell you this is not true, it will never be perfect again. At best, it will only be a Re-Work for the rest of its life.

Sorry, but "NO", we do not straighten spinners, it's not worth it!

 Fly Safely, It's More Fun!

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