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#9   How do I get the "Six Bolt Holes" in my backing plate?

We have information on almost every R/C engine on the market today and for only a few bucks you can get this work done when you order your spinner.  You might not want to hear this but the BestWay to get this done is to let us do it for you.  We are not saying you can't do it, we are saying we want it done correctly,  and if you don't have the correct tools it won't be right.

Sometimes these holes are what guide the backing plate, as some engines do not have a pilot shaft.  This is not a good situation, (using loose screws to align something), so don't make the problem worse.  Make sure these holes are located properly and as tight as possible to the screw size.

Modification Rule #1:  If it is not done correctly you will have problems with your spinner. These Holes must be exactly in location and the correct size, or your spinner is going to Run Out.

Modification Rule #2:  Never transfer drill from the Engine Drive Hub, you will probably damage the drive hub.  Never use a Prop Drill Jig to drill the backing plate, it is not accurate enough for this job.

Modification Rule #3:  Go back and read the first Paragraph.  Let us do it for you!

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