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#6   How much do I Tighten the Cone Retaining Screw.

This question has been asked many, many times since we started making Spinners back in 1986. It is a good question with a bad History, but we will do our best to give you some good guidelines to work with.

For many years Other Spinners have been made from Heavy Cast Aluminum and try as we may, we could not seem to keep them on our engines.  The solution was to  use better stronger screws and tightening them down as tight as possible, and in this case, more was better…. Or so we thought!

Welcome to the New World of Tru-Turn Precision Aluminum Spinners.  They are lighter, stronger and more precision than anyone has ever seen before.  All of this has come about through computers and rapidly improving technology, the same technology that is bringing you the wonderful new powerhouse engines.  So, on your new Precision Tru-Turn Spinner, tighter is not better, but just the opposite, you will destroy your spinner.


We have a Rule we like to stress, called the "Two Finger Rule".  No, it's not a joke, It works quite well when applied properly. We do not have a Torque Value to give you to use on each and every spinner shape and size, just a guideline that will get you to the same place.

Never use more than two fingers on any of the Hex Driver tools you might have. Whether it be a Hex Key or a "T" Handle Driver, two fingers is enough to tighten the screw adequately.  Yes, even for a starter this value is tight enough.

A Tru-Turn Spinner is very precision and the locking lip at the base of the cone will grip the ridge of the back plate and hold the cone properly, even when using the Electric Starter.  If you Over tighten this screw, things start to bend and distort and the locking lip is no longer doing it's job.  This "Two Finger Rule" is especially important when you are using a Light Backing plate, obviously it is lighter and will bend easier, then things will begin to misalign and not fit properly.

It may sound funny but the "Two Finger Rule" works good.

 Fly Safely, It's More Fun!

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