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#5   What can I do if my Engine Shaft is Too Short to mount a spinner?

 This is not a major problem when using Tru-Turn Products, we make a Short Shaft Adapter Kit for just about every American and Metric thread used in the R/C industry. 

Most of the time you can solve your dilemma by checking the Adapter Section of the Website to make sure that you are using the right Part Number for the engine. We are aware of a lot of engines that fall into the Short Shaft category and we have assigned them a Short Shaft Adapter Part Number.

Sometimes a person will select an adapter kit based on the threads, such as the metric 7mm or the American �-28.  This will work sometimes, but we have found a lot of engines need a somewhat different adapter kit and sometimes it is because the Crank Shaft is too short to add a Spinner. 

Each and every Adapter Nut that we make here at Tru-Turn is put together with the proper washer and Bushing to make it correct for your Specific Engine. Adapter kits requiring special modifications to the back plate of your spinner or to the prop, usually have a note along with the kit telling you what you need to do.  Sometimes you can do these modifications, and sometimes you need to have them done by our Precision Machine Shop.

We strive to keep our adapter kits in line with all of the new products that are coming out every day.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you are not quite sure what to order, just give us a call or E-Mail us and we will help you make the selection.

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