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#2   What do I do if the Prop Slots are too big or too small for my prop?  Can I modify them?

  The best thing for you to do would be to do nothing to your spinner, let us do it for you.  Cutting out the slots in a Tru-Turn spinner can be a bit more than a minor bench job.

 Plan "A", If you need a different size slot, we might have a Big Bird Slot or a 120 Slot that will cover your need.  If we do and your spinner is still in "NEW" condition, we will make an exchange and you will only be out a couple of bucks.  If we don't have what you need in stock we will go to Plan "B".

 Plan "B", We charge $ 9.50 for a Special Cut or a Re-cut and it is just about the best deal in the R/C world today.  This way you are not taking a chance of damaging your spinner or yourself and if it is not right, you can send it back, it's not your problem!  If you want some kind of fancy profile cut made it will run the price to about $ 35.00 if we have to do some CNC Programming.

 Of course there is the problem of shipping it back to us for the service, but if you compare this to the price of a new spinner or a trip to the Hospital, you will find the $ 9.50 plus a few bucks for the shipping a real bargain.

 OK, if this has not convinced you to return your spinner to us for the modifications and you are still wanting to "Do It Yourself", we will give you some guidelines to go by.

 Make sure you keep the slots reasonably symmetrical to each other, you do not want to get your spinner out of balance.

 Make sure you keep the shape simple!  If you try to get cute with the shape of these slots, you can reduce the strength of the cone.  This will lead into problems with it flying off and hitting something or somebody. NOT GOOD!

 Make sure you keep the surface of the slot smooth and free of scratches. If there are any sharp corners or scratches in this slot, even slight ones, it will be where a crack will start and the Fun will End!

 One last suggestion!  Go back and read the very first paragraph, then send your Tru-Turn Spinner back to us and let us be responsible for all of the above problems!  You will love the Quality and Customer Service. 

 PLEASE NOTE:  If you modify your Tru-Turn Spinner, however slight, as with all products, the product warranty will be null and void, we can not be responsible for what someone else has done to a Tru-Turn Product.  If it is not a Tru-Turn Spinner, we will not work on it for any reason. 

Nope, not even that brand…… Call us, we will set you up with a good spinner and we will do it right!


Fly Safely, It's More Fun!




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