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#1   What Adapter Kit do I need for my particular engine? 

This is our most frequently asked question. Since there is no "Standardization" among engine manufacturers, each individual manufacturer makes the engine drive the way they want. That approach does not always fit our R/C need.  

"Quickest Way"     
Browse our Adapter Finder™! We have listed all of the normal engines by their Brand Name and then find the Size of your engine.  Then you will see the part number for each application, the retail price of each, along with some information about special modifications required on some Set-Ups.

Watch for the Notes that go with some of these adapters, they will tell you if you need modifications to your Spinner Back Plate or Prop.  This information will save you some time and money if you do not have to send your spinner back to us for additional work to make it fit your engine.

"Most Accurate Way"

Browse our Adapter Finder™! Call or E-Mail us, we can tell you all of the special problems you might encounter on your particular set-up.

Tru-Turn Precision Model Products makes a Specific Adapter Kit for every production R/C engine on the market. Our design is based on the use of a Spinner and Prop that is normally best suited for the engine in question. If it is a new engine or one we don't have information on, we will Make the adapter kit for you.  If our Normal adapter kit does not work for you, we probably have something else that will help you get your job done, all you need to do is give us a call.

We put Quality and Safety above anything else and we stand behind what we sell.  You will find our Customer Service to be as good or better than our products.

Fly Safely, It's More Fun! 


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