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1-3/4" B-Style Prop Hub

Military or Sport Airplanes, this Hub really looks good and it Works Great with the Starters.

Pick the right size for your prop and then go to the Tru-Turn "Adapter Finder" to complete your Set-Up.

"A" Style Backing Plate also available for the "B" Style hub. (See "Hub Back Plates") It makes it Longer and can also be modified for most 4&6-Bolt Drives like DA-100 and 3W-100

Click to see Assembly and Additional Images!

Approximate Weight
4.0oz. / 113.4 Grams

Prop Range
It "Looks Better" if the Hub is a little "Smaller" than the face of your Prop.
"See Sketch Below"

Engine Range
This Prop Hub is generally meant for larger motors like Brison 3.2 and Zenoah G-38 & G-62

This HUB can be used anywhere that the engine shaft is not too long to fit under the Prop Hub.

For smaller motors- see our Precision Prop Nut line.

Ask about our Prop Hub Backplates which allow mounting of Prop Hubs on the Bigger Multi Bolt Drive Hub Motors!


Special Instructions

  • Adapter kit not included. Check out our Adapter Finder to get the adapter that’s right for you .
  • All backing plates are “Flush Mounting”
  • All cones have a 10-32 retainer screw
  • Use Caution: For performance and safety, any necessary spinner modifications should be done by Tru Turn.

Price $ 24.95

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