It's the only way to Turn!
It's the Only Way to Turn!
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6x1.0mm Outrunner Adapter Shaft

Tru-Turn Out-Runner Adapters are CNC Machined to Extremely Precision Tolerances to prevent Runout and Vibration.

These Out-Runner Adapters are the same Shaft Size, but Longer than the factory adapters to allow for Tru-Turn Spinner Applications.

These Precision Adapters are already tapped for the Tru-Turn cone screw to avoid additional hardware and ensure a "Precision Lightweight Setup".

The Tru-Turn Outrunner Adapter shafts are a "Precision Fit" to the 3 & 4 bolt Outrunner motors such as AXI, E-Flite, Hacker and "Many Others".

This Precision Outrunner Shaft will use your Factory Mounting Screws, Prop Nut & Prop Washer.

Approximate Weight
.35 oz / 9.92 Grams

Prop Range
This Adapter is compatible with Any ''E'' Prop that is "Designed" to run on a 8mm Shaft Motor.

Engine Range

This Precision Shaft Adapter is designed for AXI, E-Flite, Hacker, and other motors that come with the 6mm Outrunner using the 3 & 4 Bolt Attachment. This adapter uses a ''Precision'' Dia. Pilot Bore, and will work well on most motors of this type.

Price $ 22.95

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